Complaint Letter

This letter is an example of a Complaint Letter and includes all of the elements of a perfect Complaint Letter for you to use. This sample Complaint Letter can be used as a template for your needs.

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Dear AT&T Customer Care,

I’m writing to you, as a follow-up to three calls previously placed to your Customer Service Dept., one of which was cut short by a hang-up by your Customer Service Rep, named Sue today, July 27, 2010, at approximately 3:00PM.

As previously explained, there seems to be a discrepancy in my cell phone charges for the month of June 2010.  The total on the bill reflected a $159.00 charge towards over-limit texts sent for the month, although I have an unlimited text message plan set up in my account.  The $19.99 charge for the unlimited text message service is also included in the total amount due, in addition to the $159.00 extra charge.

When I tried explaining the overcharge situation the first time I called on July 19, 2010, I was told that I would receive a follow-up call the next business day from a member of your Billing Dept.  After waiting 2 business days, I called again and asked to be transferred to the Billing Dept., as per the previous conversation, and was told that the issue wasn’t something that the Billing Dept. would handle.  By this point, I was confused so I asked to be transferred to a manager and was told by your rep. named Cindy that it wouldn’t be possible to be transferred,  When I asked why, she replied that every one was “at lunch.”  Frustrated now AND confused, I asked if I could leave a message to have a Customer Service Manager return my call.  She presumably took down my information and told me that I’d receive a call back by the end of the day.

I waited until the beginning of the following week to call back again.  When I finally got patched through (after waiting on hold for 20 minutes), I spoke with Sue.  Once again, I explained the overcharge and requested a reversal of the erroneous charges from my account.  She replied that it “doesn’t work that way” and advised me to pay the total charges, as stated on my bill, and the extra charge would be credited back to my account on my July 2010 bill.  I replied that that made no sense and that I wasn’t paying my June 2010 bill at all until I received an updated bill, reflecting the correct charges with a corrected total.  Sue let me know (in no uncertain times) that if I failed to pay my June 2010 bill, I would incur a late payment fee to my account and within three weeks’ time of nonpayment, my account would be suspended.  I assured her that I would then send payment for the total listed minus the $159.00 charges.  Sue said that would be considered an incomplete payment and the same penalty would result as nonpayment.

When I finally got around to asking again to speak with a manager, Sue hung up the phone on me.  Throughout the entirety of our call, Sue actually seemed annoyed to be talking with me.  Her demeanor seems in every way ill-suited for a customer service position.  She was rude, impatient, and cut me off mid-sentence about three times.

I have done everything in my power to contact your company regarding YOUR mistake to my bill.  I’ve spent over 2 hours trying to straighten out this fiasco so I can pay the actual total of my bill on time.  Having never missed a payment to my account or made a late payment before, I am a good customer for AT&T.  Of late, your customer service seems to be just as bad as your cell phone coverage.

I look forward to hearing from a management member of Customer Care soon and an updated June 2010 bill, reflecting CORRECTED total charges to my account.  I absolutely refuse any “late fees” associated with “non-payment” to my account until I’ve heard from a Customer Care manager directly.

Thank you for your time.

Irate Customer