Friendly Letter

This letter is an example of a Friendly Letter and includes all of the elements of a perfect Friendly Letter for you to use. This sample Friendly Letter can be used as a template for your needs.

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Dear Fred.

Hey there.  Just jotting a quick note to let you know that I’m thinking of you. I know that the Marks’ file you’re working on right now is taking up a lot of your time and proving to be quote stressful.  Just remember, the job would never have gone to you unless Mr. Jacobs was convinced that you’d do a superb job with it.   When you’ve wrapped final edits, I’ll be the first to congratulate you with a drink at Eddie’s… My treat.

Chin up, my good man.  You can do it.  I have every confidence in your ability to deliver.

Give me a buzz if you get a free minute or just need a break from the action.

-Bill Gates