Teacher Letter To Parents

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Dear Parents,

My name is Oprah Winfrey, Fox Hill Elementary School Teacher and I would like to welcome your child to the Third Grade. I am now in my 12th year of teaching at Fox Hill and my 16th year of teaching third grade. I am originally from upstate New York where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology and my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

I am looking forward to getting to know both you and your children this year. Grade three students achieve much during the school year not only in terms of academic growth, but also improved social skills, and greater self-confidence. Over the years I have found that good communication between parent, teacher, and student is crucial for your child’s success.  That is why I’m writing you today.

Here is brief synopsis about my classroom guidelines:

1) Attendance: Your child is expected to attend daily class.  Excused absences will only be granted upon parent consent.  Only 3 excused absences are allowed per month.  Daily attendance in class is required for your child’s development as a student and participant in classroom activities.

2) Homework Policy: Third Grade homework begins to get more important for student development.  On most nights, homework will average between 30-60 minutes. Occasionally I will grant students free time at the end of the day to complete his or her homework. Generally speaking, there will be math homework every night, spelling homework two to three nights a week, and reading, writing, or science homework about once every week or so. For special school projects, your child may have more than one hour of homework. Please let me know if you find that your child is regularly spending more than one hour on his or her homework.  There are tutors available to help students with homework and I can help with that process.

Homework is important not only to reinforce lessons learned in class, but also to teach responsibility to students.  A child who comes to class with completed homework, comes prepared.  Incomplete homework assignments will be notated in a “Pink Slip” sent home to parents to be signed.

3) Pink Slips: Disciplinary warnings sent to parents to be signed.  Warnings can involve anything from missing homework to excessive talking during class.  The collection of three Pink Slips will result in after-school detention.  Third Grade is the first year detention is enacted, as it is the first year that homework assignments and class conduct become a weightier priority.

I am available to take calls or to meet with parents everyday, during second period, between 9:40 and 10:20 AM, while students are in Gym class.  For those of you who use e-mail, I normally check my e-mail every evening and this has proven to be the an efficient way to get in touch with me.  My email address is: jdoe@email.com.  I try to respond to emails within 24-48 hours.

If you have any special questions or concerns, feel free to drop by anytime.  I look forward to meeting you and your child at the School Fair on August 29, 2010.

Oprah Winfrey